HOME Services to Micro and SME finance institutions  Lonestep Advisory Services, a sub division of Lonestep Investment Management, provides technical support to MFIs with  services including MIS implementation, financial product development, enhancing corporate governance and internal audit  control strengthening and financial education, training and literacy programmes to name a few. Lonestep believes that specialist expertise can support micro and SME finance institutions grow sustainably, speedily, with  strong governance and be agile to meet the demands of a growing and demanding population. The key to long term success. With the Lonestep team having supported over 30 micro and SME finance institutions globally, it is well placed to be a partner  of choice for ambitious micro and SME finance projects.    Why choose LoneSTEP:  Personnel: The Lonestep team have worked closely with over 30 micro and SME finance institutions  and are passionate  about developing local economies and helping those at the bottom of the pyramid.   Impact investment: All micro and SME finance investments assist those at the bottom of the pyramid by including these people  into the financial and social system through income generating activities. These activities not only help those who are  accessing financial products and services but close friends and family too – Lonestep calls this a RippleEffect MIS: Lonestep has developed its own MIS IT financial system which presently supports several financial institutions across  South and Eastern Europe.    Home HOME > Products & Services > Investors & Investment Managers > Micro & SME Institutions Copyright 2010 Lonestep GmbH, Beethovenstr. 49, CH 8022 Z├╝rich, Switzerland Delivering superior returns whilst supporting financial and social inclusion