HOME Impact Investments Impact investments or transformational investments aim to solve social or environmental challenges whilst delivering superior  returns for its investors.  Impact investments range from those that provide return of capital to offering market-rate or even market beating returns and  so Impact Investors will actively seek out those opportunities and funds that can harness the positive power of enterprise.  Today, a rapid supply of capital is seeking placement in impact investments across geographies, sectors and assets with a  varied return expectation.  The commonality of all investors seeking attractive Impact Investments is to focus on addressing  social and environmental challenges. This interest is sparking the emergence of a new asset class and industry which seeks  superior returns supporting financial and social inclusion. The Impact Investing industry has the potential to steer significant sums of money to market based solutions to the world’s  most pressing challenges, including sustainable agricultures, affordable housing, clean technology and financial services for  those at the bottom of the pyramid.   The Lonestep team by way of experience and knowledge is focused on ensuring that the greatest and most sustainable social  impact is achieved whilst providing its investors with superior returns. Home HOME > Impact Investments Copyright 2010 Lonestep GmbH, Beethovenstr. 49, CH 8022 Zürich, Switzerland Delivering superior returns whilst supporting financial and social inclusion