HOME Services to Investors and Investment Managers  Lonestep provides a wide range of attractive investment opportunities globally focussed on the micro and SME finance sector.  The Team has worked with over 30 bank and non bank microfinance institutions across four continents and are well positioned to provide investors with opportunities that have proven returns, portfolio diversification and social impact.   Why choose Lonestep  The Lonestep team provides individuals and institutions wishing to enter the micro and SME finance sector a range of  products services that deliver both financial and social returns.  Our products can provide:  Diversification: Micro and SME finance sector has a proven low correlation with other asset classes and is insulated from the  fluctuations in the global capital markets. Returns: Lonestep works with newly established to leading Micro and SME finance institutions globally with a strong track  record for performance, reliability and sustainability.  Impact investment: All micro and SME finance investments assist those at the bottom of the pyramid by including these  people into the financial and social system through income generating activities. These activities not only help those who are  accessing financial products and services but immediate family members and friends too– Lonestep calls this a RippleEffect Home HOME > Products & Services > Investors & Investment Managers Copyright 2010 Lonestep GmbH, Beethovenstr. 49, CH 8022 Zürich, Switzerland Delivering superior returns whilst supporting financial and social inclusion