HOME Lonestep’s focus is to profitably grow  by supporting the sustainable development of micro and   SME Finance institutions, local economies and their people globally.  Building bridges between capital markets and those at the bottom of the pyramid  As a micro and SME Finance specialist, Lonestep has access to various sources of both debt and equity capital to support  local demand. Identifying attractive and scalable investment opportunities  Through the Team’s significant experience in establishing over 30 micro and SME finance institutions, Lonestep is well placed  to identify, strong management teams, local market demand and efficient operations that over the medium to long term will  generate superior returns and provide sustainable social impact. For institutions seeking to establish their own financial product, the Lonestep team can advise on the most efficient set up and  structure to manage funds focused on investments into the micro and SME finance sector.  Building relationships  The Lonestep team has established and supported micro and SME finance institutions globally and most importantly  understands the varied cultures and values of different regions. Lonestep believes this is important to ensure that it  understands its investee partners and to provide the necessary investment and technical assistance to support their  operational and financial sustainability and growth. Supporting financial and social inclusion  The Team’s aim is to deliver much needed capital and technical assistance to those institutions that can provide the necessary services to promote financial and social inclusion to those individuals at the bottom of the pyramid.  Home HOME > About Us Copyright 2010 Lonestep GmbH, Beethovenstr. 49, CH 8022 Z├╝rich, Switzerland Delivering superior returns whilst supporting financial and social inclusion