Copyright 2010 Lonestep GmbH, Beethovenstr. 49, CH 8022 Z├╝rich, Switzerland Welcome to Lonestep Lonestep is focused on delivering capital and providing technical assistance to the micro and SME finance sector in the  developing and emerging countries of the CEE, CIS, MENASA and the ASEAN regions.  The Lonestep team has successfully worked with over 30 micro and SME finance institutions across Africa, Asia, Europe and  South America covering acquisitions, equity investments, debt arrangement, establishment and incubation of new micro and  SME finance institutions, internal process efficiencies, enhancing corporate governance and corporate structuring. Through  these variety of efforts, the Team is focused on delivering superior financial and social returns to its investors.   The Lonestep team strongly believe generating superior returns whilst doing good in this market requires:  Growth capital – ‘bridging the gap between the capital markets and those at the bottom of the pyramid ’  The Team’s strong focus of scaling up and supporting the micro and SME finance sector has made Lonestep a high quality  choice for co-investment and arranging debt capital with banks, development finance institutions and other corporate entities  in the sector. Institutional building and technical assistance  The Team’s significant experience of establishing and managing micro and SME finance institutions is unparalleled. Having  experience and skills of establishing institutions and arranging ongoing debt and equity capital provides each investee  institution with a significant value addition.   The Team will seek to play an active role with each investee institution by working in partnership to develop, support and  execute growth plans.  Close partnership with our Investees  The key driver behind Lonestep is its people. The Team’s desire to continue to excel at advising each Investee institution  makes a significant difference in building a long lasting, profitable and sustainable businesses for all its stakeholders.  The  Team’s on-the-ground presence ensures that its market insight is second to none. This unique blend of skills allows for significant value creation for all stakeholders – ‘delivering superior returns whilst  supporting financial and social inclusion’  Home
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